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  1. Terrilyn says:

    If you are on adderall can you take alprozalam as directed also? The simple answer is absolutely, yes. There is no evidence that shows mixing benzodiazepines

  2. Myra says:

    Hi Never..Your description sounds very familiar. Many addicts go through the kind of progression youve described. Your chances of kicking everything youve described abusing without outside help is basically zero. You have a better chance of winning the lottery. The sooner you accept that youll not be able to stop on your own and need rehab of some kind the greater your chance of a successful outcome. One of the biggest problems with getting and staying clean is the attitude youve expressed. Thinking you can, all evidence to the contrary, deal with this alone or that you dont really have a problem. I recommend that you seek out help. Your parents and/or school counselor would be a good place to start. The odds against you at this point are pretty high, but theres still a small chance you can salvage your life. Best of luck.

  3. Julianna says:

    Has anyone detoxed from heroin using kicking? I need help detoxing from methadone, not methadone maintence, just using methadone to ease heroin. Was on methadone for 6 months

  4. Hana says:

    Methadone is a opiate similar to heroin or morphine, although the effects of it are slightly different. In fact methadone is used to wean heroin addicts off the drug. Adderall on the other hand is a stimulant similar to amphetamine (adderal… More:

  5. Nilda says:

    LSD is a hallucinogen with no effects on the respritory system and there is no risk for resperitory depression. Combining LSD with methadone or other opiates is a relatively safe combination with little if no adverse effects More:

  6. Susann says:

    It is highly suggested that you do not mix those two medications together. They can have very serious effects on your heart and can even be fatal.

  7. Providencia says:

    Drinking while on amoxicillin should be Mixing Amoxicillin and Alcohol. A very commonly If you miss a dose, the missed dose should be taken right away . Detail:

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