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  1. Lucinda says:

    i think my child is on the drug want a description of 10 mg methadone iam currently What Does 10 Mg Methadone Look Like Monday, 5/26/2008 5:21: 47 PM

  2. Altagracia says:

    When a percocet addict is using pills do they get addicted methodone to get off the to the methodone? then what would the point be?

  3. Hassie says:

    Phentermine 37.5 mg is a small, oblong pill that is mostly white. It also has some blue speckles in it. On one side is an imprint of a V and the other has a 50 and a 30 imprinted on it. You can find more information here: http://www.pharmer… More:

  4. Felipa says:

    Approx. Price: $4.23 per 20 Each is for methodone at this time. This medication is used for pain management. More:

  5. Matha says:

    Very large and usually white, there should be a line across the back and the number of milligrams engraved on the pill. This pill should be swallowed and not taken on a empty stomach. More:

  6. Pat says:

    5 & 10 mg methadone pills are white, round & have a score mark on 1 side. 5 mg are imprinted with 54210, 10 mg pills with 54142

  7. Bennie says:

    Although methadone is a powerful drug that should not be taken lightly, it is a useful tool It is available in tablet form in 5 mg or 10 mg doses. More Like This Detail:

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