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  1. Denise says:

    What pill is pink and oval and has 890 on one side and 93 on the other? In: Health categories]. Answer: Improve. This pill is manufactured by Teva

  2. Monserrate says:

    pill identification?? bright pink with imprint of 93 on one side and 890 on the other…..?

  3. Gale says:

    Oblong pink tablet imprinted 93 890 is 100 mg propoxyphene napsylate and 650 mg acetaminophen (generic Darvocet-N 100). It’s a narcotic pain pill combo. More:

  4. Jasmin says:

    A pink pill with 93 on one side and 890 on the other is acetaminophen-propoxyphene napsylate manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. More:

  5. Sherise says:

    Acetaminophen-propoxyphene napsylatea, it’s a pain reliever & fever reducer. Strength: 650mg-100mg. Imprints: 93, 890. More:

  6. Signe says:

    The pill with imprint 93 890 is acetaminophen/propoxyphene 650 mg / 100 mg. 890; Strength: 650 mg / 100 mg; Color: Pink; Size: 20.00 mm; Shape: Elliptical /

  7. Cori says:

    A line, a slight depression on one side of the pill means it is scored. Darvocet comes in white, pink, bright pink, violet, orange, dark orange and red colored following numbers: Darvocet-N 50, Darvocet-N 100, A500, 93-490, 93-890, V5111, Detail:

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