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How long does it take to heal a pulled muscle?

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It depends on the muscle that was injured. Hamstring?? Chest Muscle?? again soon! Any comments?

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  1. Roma says:

    How long does a pulled shoulder muscle take to heal? In: Muscular System How long does it take to heal a strained shoulder muscle. I am still in the

  2. Audry says:

    It depends on how bad. Sometimes it will only take a couple days or weeks, sometimes a couple months. If it gets worse you should go see a doctor.

  3. Karry says:

    What would cause what feels like arm overnight/ and why is it taking a pulled muscle, up and down my left so long to heal?

  4. Clemencia says:

    A pulled muscle needs to be rested as much as possible for the first 5 days in order to heal. Resting the muscle for too long however can delay the process further. To find more information click here: http://www.ehow.com/how_5037695_heal-p… More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Diseases/how_to_heal_a_pulled_muscle

  5. Romaine says:

    How long it takes for a pulled muscle to heal will depend on the actual injury and how serious the injury is. The more serious the injury it would be recommended to contact your physician in orde to get a timeframe. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Diseases/how_long_does_it_take_for_a_pulled_muscle_to_heal

  6. Alexa says:

    A pulled muscle occurs when the muscle fiber is torn. Pulled muscles generally occur when a person has not properly warmed up before a workout, pushes too hard or accidentally twists the wrong way. The two most commonly pulled muscles are t… More:http://www.ehow.com/how_5038618_heal-pulled-muscle-quickly.html

  7. Ollie says:

    A pulled muscle is technically called a strained muscle and occurs when the fibers of a muscle are torn. Causes of pulled muscles are strenuous activity or an underlying muscle imbalance where one muscle is inappropriately stronger than ano

  8. Joslyn says:

    How Long Does it Take to Heal a Pulled Muscle?. A pulled muscle is technically called a strained muscle and occurs when the fibers of a muscle are torn. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/facts_5007338_long-does-heal-pulled-muscle.html

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