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What causes sharp pains in your lower right side of your stomach?

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Pain below the navel that spreads to either side may signify a colon disorder. Pain in this area may also be a symptom ( etc Any comments?

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Feb 23, 2011 WebMD helps you understand the causes of abdominal pain and when it’s time to Whether it is a mild stomach ache, sharp pain, or stomach cramps, Does the pain also radiate into your lower back, shoulder, groin, or buttocks? Does any activity such as eating or lying on one side relieve the pain?

    • amber says:

      Im having lower stomach pains not bad ones kinda like cramps sometimes it’s just my right, left, or bothermy lower back hurts as well but when I lay on my side it eases the pain a bit I’m to young to be pregnant I’m scared to talk to a doctor or my mom I wanna no if these could be the symptoms to before I do talk to my mom!Help!! please it would be greatly appreciated Idk what to do any advice or help would be great!

  2. Dedra says:

    See your health care provider as soon as possible. Abdominal pain can be a sign of a serious condition. Fortunately, minor causes are much more frequent. Location of the pain can help in suggesting the cause.Appendix pain usually occurs in the right lower quarter of the abdomen.Diverticulitis usually hurts in the left lower quarter of the abdomen.Kidney pain, the back.Gallbladder, the right upper quarter.Stomach, the upper abdomen.Bladder or female organs, the lower areas.Exceptions to these rules do occur.Pain from hollow organs-such as the bowel or gallbladder-tends to be intermittent and resembles gas pain or colic. Pain from solid organs-kidneys, spleen, liver tends to be more constant. Stomach ulcers tend to create burning pain in the upper abdomen which usually gets better after a meal or a dose of antacid. There are exceptions to these rules as well.If the pain is very severe or if bleeding from the bowel occurs, see a doctor. Similarly, if there has been a significant recent abdominal injury, see the doctor-a ruptured spleen or other major problem is possible.Pain during pregnancy is potentially serious and must be evaluated. An ectopic pregnancy-in the fallopian rather than in the uterus-can occur before a woman is even aware she is pregnant. Pain in only one area suggests a more serious problem than generalized pain; again, there are exceptions. And good luck.

  3. Celestine says:

    i have been having really bad what could be wrong i sharp pains in my lower side and upper and lower stomach it goes side to? can someone please tell me’ve had them fo almost

  4. Vania says:

    Not medical advice: The lower right abdominal pain are usually caused by appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, constipation, kidney stones / ureteric stones, etc. More:http://www.kgbanswers.com/what-can-be-the-cause-of-sharp-pain-on-right-side-lower-stomach/19351339

  5. Graciela says:

    your penis First answer by Mrs Treble Clef. Last edit by Max13max. Contributor trust: 0 [recommend contributor]. Question popularity: 1 [recommend question]. More:http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_causes_Pain_on_lower_right_side_of_stomach_and_hurts_to_poop

  6. Talitha says:

    Below we’ll describe the most common causes of abdominal pain and discomfort during mild or sharp, and may feel more like low back pain or pelvic pressure. Call your doctor or midwife right away if you’re having any of the following just under your ribs, on one or both sides (and possibly in your abdomen as well);

  7. Kazuko says:

    Although the pain feels like it is coming from the stomach, the stomach is only the sensation of burning or tingling, or sharp stabbing pains in the stomach area. Causes of Right Side Lower Abdominal and Back Pain · What Is Side Pain? Detail:http://www.ehow.com/about_4693085_causes-right-side-abdominal-pain.html

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