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  1. Love says:

    An eyelid twitch is a general term for involuntary spasms of the eyelid muscles. The most common things that make the muscle in your eyelid twitch are fatigue, Eyelid twitching does not go away within 1 week; Twitching completely closes

  2. Tesha says:

    wen that happens it usually means ur under stress or if ur eye is hurting as well it means theres something actually in ur eye, but mainly whether u kno it or not its because of stress. it will probably stop wen u stop getting so stressed out. it helps to put a warm cloth over your eye and relax

  3. Marya says:

    My Left eye’s eye lid and bottom twitches from time to time lately! HELP :S never happened before :( ?

  4. Lesha says:

    Eyelid twitching is actually a symptom of many underlying ailments, here is a good list… Lack of Sleep Stress Fatigue Screens(Comp/TV) Vitamin Deficiency Eye Strain Allergies Caffeine Pinched Nerve Medication Withdrawal Neurological Disor… More:

  5. Kaylene says:

    One type of blepharospasm, Benign Essential Blepharospasm or BEB is a blinking disorder that has an unknown causes. More:

  6. Latashia says:

    While usually blepharospasm (eyelid twitch) is normal, it may be associated with dry eyes, Tourette’s Syndrome or other problems. More:

  7. Rhea says:

    Excessive blinking may occur as a result of being exposed to bright lights, being tired or under a great deal of stress.

  8. Elouise says:

    disappear. If eyelid twitching lasts longer than a week, you should consult your eye doctor. What Does It Mean When Your PS3 Controller Blinks Slowly? Detail:

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