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  1. Nona says:

    Mar 17, 2009 I started with zanaflex and it does help with the morning stiffness but I FMS Support Forums · General & Support muscle relaxants= sleep thru the night? medication you’ll finally get more of that desperately needed sleep.

  2. Marry says:

    Unfortunately your story sounds like a exact example of someone who has a drug problem and the doctor is doing what most would do. Im not saying that you are a junkie, just that the surgeon has probably done all he can do and doesnt feel like just doping you up is the answer. You should ask for a referral to a Pain Specialist.

  3. Alta says:

    how do muscle relaxers make you to kick in after i took it does it make feel do they make you you muscles get weak and feel relaxed and sleepy do rel? how long does it take yo

  4. Marline says:

    Soma and Flexeril are in the running for the strongest muscle relaxers. Valiu and Klonopin are two other really strong muscle relaxants. Just be careful taking any of them. More:

  5. Tanisha says:

    A muscle relaxer is something that decreases muscle tone and gives the muscle less activity. It is often prescribed when someone suffers from muscle spasms or or pain. Metaxalone is a common muscle relaxer. More:

  6. Viviana says:

    Muscle relaxants work by doing exactly what the names says, they relax the muscle. They are used for people that have a lot of tension or pain. More:

  7. Valene says:

    All muscle relaxers have the potential to make you fatigued or drowsy, some more A quick answer would be: Soma generally gives you more fatigue the next

  8. Kandi says:

    Muscle relaxants and sleep medications can help you sleep better but do nothing to address the condition and can make you feel tired during the day. Detail:

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