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  1. Carylon says:

    NIACIN WORKS BY BURNING FAT CELLS WHICH THE THC IS STORED. THE LESS FAT YOU HAVE THE EASIER IT WILL BE TO GET RID OF THE TOXIN . to flush out the toxins from ur body and I believe it helps out our arteries too

  2. Dawne says:

    No one here can for sure answer the approximate time for that. There are too many factors that play in. Heres a better idea of how things work.For Hair sample tests testing of the hair can test back a few months to a few years. Hair is collected usually from the crown of the head in multiple places until the total collected hair is the width of a pencil. (cutting your hair will NOT help, the collection can be taken from legs, arms, underarms and pubic hair, if none of these places can be collecetd from the donor is instructed to wait until the hair can grow out and then it is collected) The drug screener will decide how far to look back, as more chemicals and money are required, the further back it is processed. Pre-employment screening usually tests 1-2 months. (the company sometimes turns a blind eye to THC depending on the job and age group) Courts are ordered by a judge how far to go back this can be years, but usually months.Urinalysis check for drugs found in urine, usually 15 – 30ml of urine is the provided sample asked for. Facilitys will usually give you a bathroom with the hot water line turned off. which can be turned back on like a toilets water connection found under the sink. The reason they do this is because a donor can dilute their sample with water or fill the specimen sample cup 100% hot water and give the thermometer usually on the side of the specimen cup a body temperature reading 78-90 degrees. However to counter this some clinics have a PH level reading strip they place in the sample (usually medical clinics or court ordered clinics) Also the bathroom will usually have dye in toilet to prevent people from diluting the sample with toilet water. If this is done not only will the temperature be off but the sample will be dyed. Samples can end up dyes due to certain medications, and some samples look clear like water. If the dye is in the toilet you will most likely be asked NOT to flush, to prevent clean water from entering and to prevent you from discarding any equipment like fake urine kits, urine warmers (for brought in urine), etc. During the testing phase of urinalysis the urine is checked for levels of the panel given. (panel is how many drugs tested for) Things like excessive water intake can dilute the sample. (many people have drank too much water and almost died from diluting their electrolytes in their bodies doing this is dangerous) The urinalysis usually can test back 2 – 4 weeks for THC and 1 month for opiates like cocaine and heroin. After this time the sample is usually diluted. However depending on your intake, body weight, type of drug, amount of drug intake, and frequency of use. The drug can stay in your system to a detectable level or leave your body fairly quickly. usually 1 month is the maximum for 85% people, with THC to clear the body past detectable levels on a urinalysis.although there are few cases where the levels are below reading levels by the next few days.The big thing to remember is that pre-employment and post accident drug tests, depending on the company are cheap and weak test. A courts ordered drug test is probably the most through.I hope this helps good luck.

  3. Teodora says:

    How many MGs of Niacin should be taken in order to rid my system of THC? I’m 5’2″, 103 pounds, a girl, age 15, and very healthy. help me please!

  4. Eulah says:

    DO NOT USE NIACIN!!!! It can give you a heart attack no matter your age. You can buy cleaners at health stores or tobacco stores it is worth the money. Just make sure you follow the directions, do not drink lots of water or you will fail a … More:

  5. Lala says:

    well its a b vitamin which is water soluble so you can drink water and urinate it out within a few hours depending on how much you take….so if you take a gram or 2 in a day it could possibly take up to a day More:

  6. Emerald says:

    NIACIN WORKS BY BURNING FAT CELLS WHICH THE THC IS STORED. THE LESS FAT YOU HAVE THE EASIER IT WILL BE TO GET RID OF THE TOXIN . to flush out the toxins from ur body and I believe it helps out our arteries too

  7. Shalanda says:

    Flushing drugs out of the system or detoxifying the body is beneficial to the entire. .. People Are Reading. How Long Does It Take to Flush Nicotine From the Body? the Body? How to Clean a System of Drugs · How to Get Rid of Nicotine in the Body How to Use Niacin to Clean THC Out of Your System. Super high Detail:

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