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Can you use Monistat 7 after using Monistat 3?

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It can take three to seven days to cure a yeast infection. If you used Monistat 3 and it did not make it better, you should call your doctor for a prescription. ! Any comments?

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  1. Rosella says:

    By having sex with him, while you are using Monistat 7 – he would be at risk from Can you have sex while using monistat 3 on the third day Can i have sex after using monistat About; Terms of Use; Privacy Policy; IP Issues; Disclaimer

  2. Pauline says:

    It should be no problem to do that. It would just mean a bit stronger dose, which wont cause problems. You could also just wait and see if the one-day dose was effective.

  3. Leanne says:

    I need a price range for the monistat for the monistat prescrition for diflucan w/cream? MY QUESTION IS IF I 7, my doctor gave me a DO THE MONISTAT WILL I GET THE SAME RESULTS

  4. Wilma says:

    Eczema is a chronic skin condition affecting millions of people around the world. Encompassing a number of diseases characterized by dry, scaly, patchy-white and itchy skin, eczema is normally found in infants and young adults. Most people … More:http://www.ehow.com/how_5525065_use-monistat-eczema.html

  5. Madelaine says:

    before using this product read the enclosed consumer information leaflet for complete directions and information adults and children 12 years of age and over: suppositories: insert 1 suppository into the vagina at bedtime for 3 nights in a … More:http://www.drugs.com/pro/monistat-3.html

  6. Jenni says:

    Is it a cream or a suppository (capsule / ovule) treatment…Creams can get messy, this is why I prefer the suppository (ovule / capsule) type. If it’s a suppository then all you have to to is put the ovule (white egg like capsule) on the p… More:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100413194417AAfMqup

  7. America says:

    View complete and up to date Monistat 7 information – part of the Drugs.com if you have vaginal yeast infections often (eg, once a month or 3 in 6 months) Wash your hands immediately after using Monistat 7 Cream. Do not use tampons while you are using Monistat 7 Cream or until all of your symptoms go away.

  8. Cyndy says:

    Using Monistat 7 for Hair Growth. One method is to use Monistat 7. and finding quick and easy ways to grow hair is a much sought-after practice. 3. Shake the mix of Monistat 7 and the carrier oils before applying it to your hair. Tilt the Anything that you apply to your scalp may be used as a mixer with the Monistat 7. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_6742443_using-monistat-7-hair-growth.html

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