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  1. Cheryle says:

    Search; Settings; Top Contributors; Help Center; Englishâ–¼ Can hydrocortisone cure ringworms? Ringworm can occur almost anywhere on the body.

  2. Janee says:

    You should begin to notice a considerable difference 24 hours after your first dose of diflucan. I would stick witht the calamine lotion, using a new cotton ball for each spot so you dont spread it. I had ringworm once as a teenager, my mom just got some over the counter anti-fungal from the store, I applied that serveral times a day when needed and after showers, it went away in no time.Best of luck to you.

  3. Ja says:

    Is using the hydrocortisone topical ointment the same as taking the hydrocortisone oral tablets? will the hydrocortisone topical ointment cause hypertension?

  4. Lupe says:

    Monistat-Derm and Oxistat are over-the-counter topical treatments for ringworm, but the most effective is a prescription oral medication such as Itraconazole (Sporanox) or Fluconazole (Diflucan). More:

  5. Jacquelyne says:

    Wash all your clothes, towels, and bedding that might have come into contact with the infection. Don’t share personal-care products or clothes with others if you or they have a rash. More:

  6. Armanda says:

    I’d go with a second opinion as well seeing it’s been two months but when my daughter had it I used the blue star ointment and it worked also you should try to keep it as dry as possible. Good luck More:

  7. Charlie says:

    Some ringworm infections, especially those treated with a steroid like hydrocortisone, can have vesicles or pustules in the advancing border or in the center.

  8. Dierdre says:

    It can occur in other places on the body, as well. To help soothe itching that comes with ringworm, hydrocortisone cream (available over the counter) may help Detail:

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