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  1. Taisha says:

    Hydrocodone is an orally active pain reliever and cough suppressant drug . Popularity: 105 • Tools: Recategorize . It will come out addicted to the pills also and could have development What is a white round pill with Watson 748? Clonazepam (WATSON 748) is used for: Controlling certain types of seizures in the

  2. Margeret says:

    What kind of pain pill is round and white w/ “Collins” imprinted on it? There is also an eagle imprinted on it. It is supposed to be like Percaset (sp?).

  3. Lucina says:

    Ibuprofen is the pill with the imprint of IP and 466. The strength is 800 mg. The pill is commonly used as a minor pain reliever. More:

  4. Imogene says:

    In the 52-week chronic‚ repeated-dose studies performed in rats (IP injection up to 57.5 White blood cell (WBC) differentials obtained during clinical trials have . The doses of Neupogen® used in these studies are considerably greater than Type of. Malignancy, Regimen, Chemotherapy Dose, No. Pts. Trial Phase

  5. Leonarda says:

    Results 1 – 20 of 53 What Kind Of Pill Is White Round And Has An E On It round thick white pill on one side a capitol e stamped on it. wat is it and wat is it used fot

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