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  1. Mamie says:

    Not Medical Advice: Loss of appetite is not a common symptom of pregnancy, but food cravings, headaches and frequent urination are. See MD if concerned!

  2. Lupita says:

    yes, ..because you were nauseous yesterday, you may not want to eat. i am in the same boat too.(but i have missed my period since sept 14) but good luck to you!!

  3. Willow says:

    Can loss of appetite a early pregnancy symptom? I believe I’m pregnant and I’d be around 5 weeks. But right now and since yesterday I’ve felt nauseous and I don’t even want t

  4. Lauren says:

    Im male 56 years before any food I get nausea and losst appetite. More:

  5. Karma says:

    That could be a sign of a tension headache especially if you also have tenderness on your scalp, neck and shoulder muscles. More:

  6. Eugenie says:

    Almost any infection could cause a loss of appetite, according to Donald S. Robertson, M.D. See doctor if it continues. More:

  7. Cammie says:

    Pregnant women may have a loss of appetite or be turned off by certain foods. However, having a loss of appetite is not indicative of being pregnant.

  8. Fernanda says:

    Experiencing a loss of appetite or changes in appetite, such as food cravings, can be a pregnancy symptom. Similarly, some foods that you previously enjoyed Detail:

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