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What A white oval pill that has the numbers 105 on it?

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This tablet contains 7.5mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, the active ingredients in Percocet, this is a narcotic pain reliever. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. ! Any comments?

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  1. Allyson says:

    Is a white pill with 105 on one side a percocet? What pill is white and oval and says Phillips on one side What is the telephone number of PVP liner?

  2. Farah says:

    I found a small white oval pill witha 37 imprint on it, I think mihgt be an animal pain pill. Can anyone help?

  3. Joleen says:

    Sucralfate (1 gm) is an anti-ulcer medication. Sucralfate is not greatly absorbed into the body through the digestive tract. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-oval-white-pill-numbered-105

  4. Julianna says:

    Oh, i don’t know. MOST OF THEM!!!! Go freaking ask your doctor, double cheese bagel. A strange question… The one who asked it should have been more exact about the NUMBERS. If we know the number we can usually identify the pill. More:http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_pills_are_white_oval_and_have_NUMBERS

  5. Evon says:

    Not Medical Advice: Pill imprint 105 has been identified as Oxycodone & acetaminophen 7.5 mg/ 325 mg. Used for pain treatment, drug class narcotic analgesic. More:http://www.kgbanswers.com/what-is-a-white-oval-pill-that-says-105/21390247

  6. Blanche says:

    white pill on one side it has a105 and nothing else on the other side.its white oval pill stamped 105 oval white tablet with blue specs and a center line . white tablet number 105 on 1 side and nothing on the other side

  7. Cassy says:

    Ehrlichiosis enters the dog's blood stream but does not cause symptoms until at The first symptom of Lyme disease is a high fever of 105 degrees F or more. White blood cell count will help diagnosis the virus. Ticks cause a number of disease in dogs, such as ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/about_6694141_tick_borne-viruses-dogs.html

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