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What are the effects of smoking mojo?

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The most common side effect of smoking Mojo is having a headache for days afterward. If you mix smoking the Mojo with alcohol you rick blacking out. Thanks. On! Any comments?

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  1. Pauletta says:

    Are there any side effects from smoking mojo diamond herbal incense? In: Herbal Medicine, Drug Side Effects categories]. Answer: Improve. yes there are

  2. Sharie says:

    Alright man since it appears everybody who answered doesnt have a clue what youre talking about in your question, ill give you my two cents.I had to quit smoking weed for my job. Since then, for the last few months, I have been smoking k2. The media likes to put a negative spin on this because currently propaganda is the only way to stop it, since it isnt yet illegal everywhere. Just as propagana was the only was to stop regular weed until it became illegal. I havnt seen any studies that indicate long or short term damage nor have i had any short term damage. It isnt quite as good as weed and would smoke weed if i could, but it is a viable substitute.

  3. Franchesca says:

    Do the side effects of smoking marijuana still effect a person for good? If a person smoked a even after they quite smoking lot of marijuana for almost a year, and then quite,

  4. Cherly says:

    Immediate adverse reactions to marijuana include the acute panic anxiety reaction and impaired coordination (driving). More. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-harmful-side-effects-of-smoking-mojo

  5. Birgit says:

    Smoking kills one in every two smokers. Cigarette smoking can lead to cancer, heart attack, stroke, emphysema, and a variety of other vascular disorders. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Addictions/what_are_some_effects_of_smoking

  6. Araceli says:

    Smoking will cause one in two smokers to die and most of those deaths will be in middle age. Smoking can lead to cancer, heart attack, blood clots, stroke and emphysema to name a few. For more information see here: http://www.quit-smoking-s… More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Addictions/what_are_the_side_effects_of_smoking

  7. Gail says:

    Dec 6, 2009 It does effect everyone else when your dumb ass gets on the road after smoking that. Then it effects everybody!!! You must be a kid because

  8. Elana says:

    in a Drug Screen? The Effects of Drug Testing in Schools I have NEVER done drugs and even stopped drinking and smoking three years ago. If my second Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_4486550_fail-drug-test-not-illegal.html

  9. cj says:

    I have 2 nephews on this stuff, MOJO. these 2 are almost 30 years old and doing drugs for 15 years. They both say this stuff is the most lethal. Can’t get off cold turkey. Side effects: kidney failure, extreme anger and anxiety issues, heart problems, chest pain, delusions. If they could find a rehab or somewhere they could get off this stuff, they most certainly. One of them said: It’s almost like the devil has a grip on you, and you ain’t getting turned loose. Everyutime I try get off this stuff, my heart goes crazy and the pain and withdrawal is so bad, it’s impossible to do. Side effects? all depends on how bad you want to feel when you try to get off the stuff.

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