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  1. Bailey says:

    How do you fix overbites? In: Dental Health categories]. Answer: Improve. IF YOUR PROBLEM IS WITH REGARDS TO DENTAL AESTHETICS Overbites

  2. Heike says:

    Three ways most common to fix an overbite. Pull the upper jaw back, the lower jaw forward, or combination of both. Pulling the lower jaw forward is the most used. So in short, YES.An alternative would be to voice your concerns to your dentist/orthodontist about your lower jaw and chin protruding out. Its possible he may be able to remove some teeth to achieve the effect without changing the relationship of the jaws.Or get a genioplasty (chin reduction)

  3. Charlie says:

    July my dentist sent me to root canals I became frightened needles. They were very painful and of him–he was very rough with the another dentist who did 2 he had a “if you

  4. Stephenie says:

    they put braces only on the bottom teeth to bring them in more…….. More:

  5. Anisha says:

    Depending on how severe and the advice of your vet – most likely an operation to break the jaw and reset. Again depending on the bite (where the teeth meet) removal of any that obstruct a neat close. Or even nothing of it’s live able for th… More:

  6. Soo says:

    IF YOUR PROBLEM IS WITH REGARDS TO DENTAL AESTHETICS Overbites are corrected by: orthodontics orthognathic surgery Here is a Youtube video showing how to correct overbites: IF YOUR PROBLEM IS WITH … More:

  7. Melita says:

    Aug 4, 2011 In addition, even if there was a "DO IT YOURSELF DENTISTRY BOARD", would you actually trust someone to tell you how to fix a dental

  8. Rayna says:

    A very common condition can range from mild to very severe. Even in the most severe cases, people get dental care to repair the overbite. However, not all Detail:

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