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  1. Roselyn says:

    Apr 20, 2005 b 974 30 oval orange tablet scored and half scored is generic adderall i have what i was told is generic adderall its very small all white pill form (not capsule) it has an M or W in a box on one side and 45 on the other. Orange and white oval elongated stating S489 on the white side 30mg on the orange?

  2. Ma says:

    My bread pudding recipe calls for half. I accidentally bought fat free five cups of half and half and half.? Could I add a little butter to compensate?

  3. Young says:

    A half blue half white pill with S489 imprinted on the capsule is a 50mg Vyvanse. It is used to treat ADHD. More:

  4. Mafalda says:

    This is the drug Lyrica or generic name Pregablin. Pfizer on one half & PGN 50 on the other half. Manufactured by Pfizer. Lyrica is use to treat epileptics by slowing down brain impulses & to control seizures. More:

  5. Delila says:

    Aug 22, 2010 1 Answer – Answer: S489 30 mg is Vyvanse 30 mg. So I found a Capsule pill that’s Half Orange, and Half Blue and it says S489 70mg on it. it has the Duramed logo on one half then 401 on the other . both on same side

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